Free Food Friday

Fridays      9am -12pm   

One of our core values at Pinewoods Chapel is Community Involvement.

We strive to share the love of Jesus Christ by serving our community with the opportunities we are given, and minister to both practical and spiritual needs.

Thanks to the donations of our community partners, 

we host Free Food Friday each week at 9058-5th Line, in Angus, Ontario.

Free Food Friday is offered to those in need, or who are experiencing job loss or difficult life circumstances in Angus and the surrounding community. 

Bread, fresh produce, pantry items, hygiene products and other items are available on a first come, first served basis, with no questions asked, while supplies last.   All food items are completely self-serve.






Our Short-Term Goal:

To facilitate the distribution of food items to those that need it.

Our Long-Term Goal:

To create opportunities for individuals to hear the Gospel

through conversations with our staff and volunteers, 

and to receive prayer and an invitation to continue to connect with us.

Join our Team!

1) Donate Food

Grocery donations must be sealed in original packaging and not expired.

Fresh produce from home gardens are welcome! 

Due to Covid-19, we are not currently accepting home-cooked items.

2) Donate Funds

Any amount is welcome, and will be used to purchase food items to supplement the donated items we have received.

3) Donate Grocery Cards

We accept Gift Cards from No Frills, Sobey's and Shoppers Drug Mart.  These will be used to purchase food items to supplement the donated items we have received.

Grocery Cards can be delivered to the office at Pinewoods Chapel, 9058-5th Line, Angus.

4) Pray for Us!

Please pray for the families and individuals that receive Free Food Friday.  Pray that God would touch their lives, and that they would be drawn into a closer relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.