Meeting Rooms, Catering Kitchen, Soccer Field, Outdoor Dining & Campfire Area, and more!


Please Note:

Usage of the name "Pinewoods Chapel" is reserved for programs and events that are organized by Pinewoods Chapel.

All other advertising and promotions online or in print may use the address only, not the name, of Pinewoods Chapel.

Rental Policies

Fee Structure

General Policies of Pinewoods Chapel

  1. No special event bookings may be made over the Easter long weekend (Friday through Monday) or from December 24th to Jan 2nd.

  2. Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.

  3. Applicant is responsible to determine facilities are fit, safe and suitable for their activity.

  4. No refunds or discounts will be issued in the case of inclement weather affecting the planned event or renter changing their mind – up to one month before the event.

  5. It is required that a Custodian/Host be supplied by Pinewoods Chapel to be present for the set-up, during the event, and until the event is completely finished and cleaned up. The Custodian/Host will unlock and lock up.

  6. Pinewoods Chapel assumes no responsibility for the supervision, safety or care of children, youth, or vulnerable adults during the use of our facility and property by renters.

Specific Policies for Facility Use

  1. Serving alcohol and recreational drugs will be prohibited on these premises. Smoking is not permitted in the building.

  2. The use of confetti or rice is prohibited in or around the building.

  3. Sports activities must be disclosed before any rental agreement is signed. Then the appropriate insurance coverage must be obtained and submitted.

  4. All electronic equipment owned by Pinewoods must be operated by the Church’s qualified technician. That technician will be supplied for you at the posted rate per hour. No equipment or property may be removed from the church without the church office supervisor’s permission and approval.

  5. Each user group and renter is responsible for the behaviour of their own guests and participants. Any damage done to the church or church property by guests and participants will be the responsibility of the renter.

  6. All renters will arrange for their own food and beverages (no alcohol).

  7. Long term renters will enter into appropriate lease agreements in conjunction with this rental policy.

  8. All rental users will be required to arrange for and provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance
    confirming the user’s primary General Liability and Tenant’s Legal Liability coverage, and the inclusion of your organization as an additional insured.
    This is not open to negotiation as our insurance does not provide coverage for rental groups or their participants. Special event liability insurance can be obtained at 1-800-265-8098.

Other Information

Facility and Equipment Use:

  1. All damaged or broken items must be reported to the church office.

  2. The standard of cleanliness is to be returned to the condition you found it in or better.

  3. All garbage must be removed and put into the appropriate bins.

  4. No food and beverages may be served in areas not arranged for ahead of time.

  5. All tables and chairs must be cleaned up and put away after the event.

  6. Moving of any accessories (plants, shrubs, cross, etc) must be declared and approved prior to
    the event.

  7. Only flameless (ie. battery operated) candles are permitted.

  8. Pinewoods Chapel’s dishware, glasses, cutlery and utensils may be used by the renter as long as they are washed following the posted 3-Sink Dishwashing Method. It is the responsibility of the renter to provide these items if Pinewoods Chapel does not have enough for the event.

  9. No bleach may be used on countertops.


  1. Rental by any group does not mean that Pinewoods endorses the beliefs and practices of the
    rental group.

  2. If information provided in the rental agreement is found to not be accurate, the event may be
    cancelled without notice or while in progress with no refund.

  3. The insurance policy of Pinewoods does not cover liability for rental groups, their guests or

By submitting a Facility Rental Request, you agree to:

  1. Write a check for 25% of the total (post-dated, if preferred) to be kept by Pinewoods Chapel
    and returned to the renter on the day following use provided that all linens are returned in
    acceptable condition and there is no damage to the building or equipment.

  2. Provide the required Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Pinewoods Chapel as an
    additional insured no less than two weeks before the event. Failure to provide insurance will result in
    cancellation of use of facility without any further notice.

  3. Pay the rental fees no later than one week before the event. Late payments may result in
    forfeiting the booking.

  4. Be responsible for all setting up and cleaning up as per regulations listed and supervised by
    the Church staff.

  5. Take responsibility for actions of all guests and participants using the facility.

  6. Have read and agree to abide by the facilities use guidelines.

  7. Affirm that the information provided is accurate and true.

  8. Indemnify Pinewoods Chapel against all manner of claims and actions arising from use of the
    facility. Pinewoods Chapel is not responsible for loss or theft of personal effects or equipment,
    or personal injury of attendees.

  9. Not sublet the space to anyone. Please contact Pinewoods Chapel immediately if you must
    cancel your event. ​

  10. Pinewoods Chapel reserves the right to deny use of the facilities and is under no obligation to
    provide a reason.

Fee Structure

Single Use, Non-Lease Fee Structure:

Sanctuary & Lobby - $40/hour

Kitchen - $15/hour

Meeting Room 109 - $15/hour

Outdoor Property Only (no indoor access) - $25/hour

Custodian - $75 (flat rate for 3 hr)

Sound Technician - $15/hour

Host - $7.50/hr

Minimum Rental: 3 hours

Long term, recurring use leases are negotiable . Please contact us for details.

Please Note: There are currently no discounts for the private events or bookings of Pinewoods Attenders and/or Adherents